Monday, January 2, 2017

Party like it's 2017!

Hey you, (Yeah, YOU! Whoever is reading this...)

Thank you so much for your support and attention in 2016! I was so busy planning my election show and getting involved in pointless political debates on social media that I didn't even blog once. The professional highlight for me was most definitely performing at Kaufleuten, one of Zurich's top venues, and having "50 Shades of (Election) DAY!" filmed by SRF1 with an interview on the nightly news. Watch here:

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Impersonating a character, which much of my comedy stems from, is an interesting experience. I not only literally step into the character's shoes, but a process takes over in which I actually feel like I can see the world through that person's eyes. Some may call that channelling, some may call it empathy, some may call it a mental illness...

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To give you an example, I played Hillary Clinton so often last year "campaigning" for "50 Shades of (Election) DAY!" - even up until the last show on election night itself - that when the results came in, I too went through a mourning and almost hibernation period like Hillary. But it's a new year, and in line with the improv philosophy, we need to accept, not deny, and build on what we're given.

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In 2017 I'll be building on some exciting and meaningful projects: I'll be continuing my work as Cause Ambassador for Womens Brain Project (, one-on-one improv coaching and corporate workshops, various speaking and emceeing engagements, PLUS an exciting but yet unnamed new comedy project!

My calendar is already filling up for 2017! Contact me for a one-on-one session, workshop or speaking engagement.

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Here's wishing 2017 will be less about which party you're IN, and more about which party you're AT.

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Love and peace,
Sylvia (aka Hillary, Donald, Sarah, Cher, Madonna, et al.)